About Us

About Blackbird Cinema

Blackbird Cinema is a company built on creativity. We pride ourselves in working in many different industries to help bring fresh ideas and concepts to other industries. With many years of experience we work very hard to not only get you the best video we can, but also to help save the finances in the process. We understand that as much as blowing things up, throwing money, and private jets make cool videos (if that's what you are into), but we want to custom setup your shoot for YOU! That means we only bring the tools we need to make your piece everything it can be. We run a full range of professional, high end equipment. We also have significant training in specialized shooting, such as drones, jibs, and stabilizers. Contact us today and let's chat about what we can do for you!



Whether you want a commercial for TV, or an internal video to use in your company, we have to tools and experience for both!

Live Event

Blackbird has over 10 years experience in live shows including working with the Miss Universe Organization, ESPN, ABCs Extreme Home Makeover, and many more!

Real Estate Videos

In good economy or bad, homes still buy and sell, and we are there to help that process. We create videos and photographs for real estate properties, helping buyers to find the perfect place without driving all over town from home to home! Let us help you sell, and buy!


Contact us today to setup a meeting and go over your specific needs and wants! Call 615-512-4736 or use the e-mail form below.